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If your business is not completely automated, it is taking money right out of your bottom line.  In the long run, employee expenses are always far greater than automation expenses.  Employees require office space, salaries, insurance.  Employees need vacations and sick days.  Employees make mistakes.  It costs money to hire employees; it often costs more to get rid of the bad ones.      


If your inventory and sales are not directly tied into your accounting system it is costing you money.  First there is the direct cost of having an employee transfer the inventory and sales data into your accounting system.  More expensive can be the costs that can result from any errors they make.  Sales commission calculations can be another area of potential problems.  If you underpay sales commissions, you will have an angry sales staff.  If you overpay, you will not hear a word.  Either way, you lose.


Anything that can be automated in you business will save money.  I have extensive expertise in automating small and medium size businesses.




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